Students Seeking Temporary Visas

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A large portion of people that travel to the United States seek a quality college education since the United States hosts some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. However, before a foreign visitor is able to begin their courses of study, they must obtain a student visa. Visas available to students are classified as nonimmigrant visas, suggesting temporary residential status.

The F-1 visa is available to students who do not intend on working. In addition to being proficient in English, F-1 applicants must maintain their residence abroad, must intend on departing the United States after completing their educational pursuits, and must be able to financially support themselves for the duration of their stay in the United States. Many student visas are unique in relation to other nonimmigrant visas because they do not have a specific time limit. As long as the visa holder is enrolled in a full course load of classes they are allowed to stay as long as they need to obtain their degree.

Another visa available to students is the M-1 visa. Unlike the F-1, M-1 visas apply to students attending vocational schools or receiving educational certificates, like pilot certificates. Many of the same requirements apply to M-1 holders in that they must maintain citizenship in their home country, be financially stable, and intend on returning to their home country once they have obtained their professional degree. In order to receive the M-1 visa, the Department of Homeland Security must approve of the vocational, or non-academic, school that the applicant is enrolled in.

Applicants for student visas are subject to multiple filing and attorney fees. The application process can cost around $1,500 for the average visa candidate. Some people find it useful to hire a lawyer in order to navigate the application process with more ease.

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