Quick Thinking and Golf

Posted by on October 22, 2013 in Sports | 0 comments

You step up to the ball, set your club, get your stance, you’re ready. And then it happens. The voices in your head start going off, “don’t shank it,” “keep your eye on the ball,” “don’t move your head,” “seriously though, don’t shank it,” and so on. And then…

You shank it.

We’ve all been there. Many times. We know we can do it, we are physically skilled and capable enough to do it, but for some reason our minds won’t shut up long enough for our bodies to take over.

Well, don’t you think it’s time we just get over ourselves? I mean, really. You’re not going to talk the ball into the hole. You’re not a ball whisperer. Forget everything you’ve been taught to think before hitting the ball and just let your body DO it.

We underestimate our body’s ability and try to compensate with our minds. That’s simply not the answer. If you want to hit the ball straight then shut that head of yours up and just hit the damn thing.

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