Hurricane Damage and the Catastrophic Effects

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As global warming continues to inflict its adverse effects on the planet our species is beginning to see how it will affect our cities and the citizens who populate them. Specifically, hurricanes currently are inflicting the greatest amounts of immediate physical damage. While most people care very little about climate change, and some even consider climate change to be illegitimate, there is a grave threat to the safety of citizens all around the world. The shift in wind patterns has caused perfect breeding grounds for tropical storms of great magnitude. Ecological preservation is ultimately the key to combating these disasters from affecting future generations. Until reasonable efforts to combat climate change are enacted, the world can expect to continue seeing horrendous displays of the force of nature.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Louisiana coast as the largest, most damaging hurricane to ever impact the United States. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey, which was even bigger than Katrina, has drastically affected residents in Houston, Corpus Christi, and other coastal cities in Texas. Hurricanes of this strength cause severe flooding that has the potential to kill thousands as seen in Katrina. This flooding poses great threats to property and the health of victims. In Katrina, there were over 1.7 million insurance claims made after the storm made landfall. Since then, over ten years ago, insurance agencies have allotted an approximated $41.1 billion in reparation checks. In current cases like Harvey, or others moving forward, victims should take the necessary precautions when making insurance claims and should pursue legal action if their insurance company acts in bad faith. Typically it would be best to utilize skilled professional assistance to facilitate the process.

Efforts to further combat climate change are society’s best bet on decreasing the likelihood of other mass catastrophic events from happening. Human consumption of the earth’s resources has had a tremendous negative effect on the biosphere. The earth is an entirely designed realm, and every toxic substance, fossil fuel, or other cause of pollution can severely damage the fragile conditions that keep the earth’s atmosphere intact. The holes in our ozone are not recent discoveries. The information for humans to make an informed decision on environmental practices has been available since 1985 when the discovery of depletions in ozone levels covering the Antarctic. This was long before the extreme population growths for the planet, the rise of the transportation sector, and the mass overproduction of nonbiodegradable goods. It should not come as a surprise that we are experiencing the harsh repercussions of human actions against the planet’s interest. Instead of accepting the cruel fate of humanity we should join together in a global effort for the survival of the human species.

In summary, hurricanes are powerful beasts with the capability of inflicting unimaginable terror on largely populated coastal cities. The wrath of previous storms has inflicted enormous damage on the main cities causing billions of dollars in reconstruction fees. To prevent further instances of mega catastrophic proportions, it is imperative that a global mission to combat climate change begin. Any person who is passionate about ending these disasters can start by informing themselves on the facts of climate change.

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