Regrets Over Not Filing a Claim

Lawsuits can seem so unpleasant from the outside, I suppose that’s why I never seriously considered filing one. I’m basically just your typical shy, scrupulously polite, conflict-avoiding person, and I couldn’t stand the idea of having to start a fight, even if it was justified.

Maybe it was, or maybe it was denial, a refusal to believe what doctors and friends were telling me, refusing to believe I’d be in pain for the rest of my life.

Yet, here we are, three years after my fall in a shop, and I’m still in pain. I didn’t believe it could last, not for the longest time. I’m not an old lady, after all. I’m still in my thirties, I’m in—or I was in—pretty good shape. Who has hip problems at 37? Surely it would just take care of itself.

It didn’t, and now that I’m past the statute of limitations, I’m beginning to regret my decision. Maybe it would have been worth being bold and starting that legal fight a few years ago. No, there’s no maybe about it. It would have been worth it. At this point, I have to call in regularly to work if the pain is too bad. My boss is very understanding, I’m lucky in that, but it means I’m left with less income each month. I certainly can’t afford to go see a physical therapist to try and fix the problem, not now.

I suppose I could get over all this if I didn’t know it didn’t have to be this way. I could adjust to life as it is if there wasn’t that lingering knowledge that I made a mistake by not trying to push harder on this earlier. If I’d taken the advice of my friends (or listened my carefully to my doctors) I could have filed a lawsuit that would have covered that physical therapy, that could have covered my missed work hours, that might have allowed me to see a high-quality specialist. The options, when I think about them, are just heartbreaking.

But at the time, I’d convinced myself not just that I’d get better but that I didn’t have a case and I’d be just stirring up trouble by searching for a way to get money out of a store (a family-owned store at that) when it was my own fault. Having done some research (like on this law firm’s site), I see now I definitely had more than just a decent case, I had the right to seek some compensation not just for the initial fall but for all that’s coming after.

Oh well. The moment has passed now, and I just have to learn to accept that. Regrets, I have a few, as the old song goes. I just need to find a way to be okay with the status quo from now on. I have a good job with an understanding boss. I make enough, even if it isn’t all I used to make. I’ll just have to accept the pain is here to stay. I’m 37, and I have hip problems. That’s just the way it goes.

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The Problem with Ignoring Doubts

The country has been in an upheaval recently because of the #metoo campaign. There have been many cases of sexual assault that have been outed after years of women (and men) keeping them secret for fear of reprisals against their character and careers.

This is, as is almost universally agreed, a positive step for the country, but at the same time, there is a risk that such enthusiasm for supporting those who have long held horrible secrets can lead to a slippery slope and some may get caught up in false accusations.

While it is an unpopular opinion to put forward at this moment, false accusations, while not as common as some have tried to suggest, still do exist in the modern world, and simply believing every accusation to be true because it was made creates the risk for more false accusations to come forward.

A similar problem developed over using children as witnesses in abuse cases. In the 1970s, an effort was made to encourage children to speak up and even to testify about abuse. The thinking was that unquestioning belief in their claims would help bring forward more cases and help protect more children.

While it did undoubtedly do that on some level, it also led to numerous accounts of unreliable testimony. Children, it was discovered, didn’t necessarily understand all the consequences of their actions. They were also more capable of being swayed into believing something false based on what others around them believed. Say, if one parent pushed hard enough with the belief the other parent harmed the child, the child may come to completely believe that was the case, even inventing details to help prove it. Because so little doubt was allowed in such cases, innocent people were harmed.

This is not to equate women (or men who have been abused) with children. Obviously, adult women know when something has happened and when it hasn’t. They are no more susceptible to believing something false than anyone else. However, this does show that unquestioning belief in the testimony of someone claiming some form of harassment or abuse can lead to some very unfortunate consequences.

Why would someone do this? There are numerous, ugly reasons, including petty jealousies, the desire for career advancement, or political motivations. With a general outcry for anyone accused to be dismissed from a position, it would be easy enough to make a claim and hope that a rival in a company or on the political stage would be dismissed.

The consequences could easily go beyond losing a job, though. As Bruno Law Offices points out, the consequences could include long prison sentences and a lifetime on a sexual offenders list. In other words, it could ruin someone’s life.

Again, it is rare for false claims to be made, and anyone who has been abused should be encouraged to speak out. They should be granted a certain amount of trust by the public, but it is important not to push that trust too far. Uncritical trust is sure to be taken advantage of by someone, and someone else will end up being found guilty when they are innocent.

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Protection Against Fall Injury

As many of us are aware, either from experiencing it ourselves or from watching it in others, aging is not a pleasant experience. As we grow older, our bodies deteriorate. Tasks that were simple for us once we were younger may become difficult or impossible to accomplish without assistance. Often the elderly need special care and attention, even around the clock, to make sure they aren’t injured and are able to live comfortably. One thing we especially need to be on the look out for is falls. Though the idea of falling may not seem threatening to most, to the elderly a fall at the wrong place or time can easily result in serious damage.

On Friday, September 22nd, the city of Tucson is recognizing Falls Awareness Day, a part of its larger September Healthy Aging month initiative. In a special report released by the Arizona Daily Star, the newspaper advises several ways you can help increase safety for yourself and any older adults in your life. They advise three main steps: First, make sure you’re getting regular exercise. Though maintaining physical shape may be difficult as we get older, even a little bit of effort can go a long way. There are many different types of exercise programs for older adults, such as water aerobics, programs focused on increasing balance, and many groups outdoor hiking. Usually, groups like this are very affordable for anyone interested. They’ll not only improve your coordination and reduce the risk of falls, but promote greater overall fitness. This will lead to longer and happier lives for you and your family.

Second, make sure to talk to your doctor. Every person should regularly talk with their health-care provider about their lifestyle and personal health concerns. This becomes especially important as aging makes you vulnerable to conditions that previously would have been no issue. Get advice on recommended exercise, foot care, eye care, and any worries about difficult movement. Light-headedness while standing up is an especially problematic sign. This can be an indication of poor blood pressure and easily lead to a fall. Make sure you understand the side effects of any medications and how they may affect your risks of falling.

Finally, make sure your home is safe. Make sure all areas are well lit, areas are free of clutter, floors are made of non-slippery surfaces with lots of traction, stairs are well maintained, and furniture is placed so it won’t cause problems. If you need to, be sure to obtain a walker or cane. When you’re at home, wear shoes to increase traction.

Still, no one can be entirely safe. Even if your home is comfortable, there are many things outside of it that are unpredictable and may lead to a fall. This can be dangerous. According to the Tucson law firm Russo, Russo, and Slania, injuries can very easily result in costly hospital bills. Fortunately, if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, there are plenty of ways to get compensation. Good luck and stay safe in avoiding falls!


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Hurricane Damage and the Catastrophic Effects

As global warming continues to inflict its adverse effects on the planet our species is beginning to see how it will affect our cities and the citizens who populate them. Specifically, hurricanes currently are inflicting the greatest amounts of immediate physical damage. While most people care very little about climate change, and some even consider climate change to be illegitimate, there is a grave threat to the safety of citizens all around the world. The shift in wind patterns has caused perfect breeding grounds for tropical storms of great magnitude. Ecological preservation is ultimately the key to combating these disasters from affecting future generations. Until reasonable efforts to combat climate change are enacted, the world can expect to continue seeing horrendous displays of the force of nature.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Louisiana coast as the largest, most damaging hurricane to ever impact the United States. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey, which was even bigger than Katrina, has drastically affected residents in Houston, Corpus Christi, and other coastal cities in Texas. Hurricanes of this strength cause severe flooding that has the potential to kill thousands as seen in Katrina. This flooding poses great threats to property and the health of victims. In Katrina, there were over 1.7 million insurance claims made after the storm made landfall. Since then, over ten years ago, insurance agencies have allotted an approximated $41.1 billion in reparation checks. In current cases like Harvey, or others moving forward, victims should take the necessary precautions when making insurance claims and should pursue legal action if their insurance company acts in bad faith. Typically it would be best to utilize skilled professional assistance to facilitate the process.

Efforts to further combat climate change are society’s best bet on decreasing the likelihood of other mass catastrophic events from happening. Human consumption of the earth’s resources has had a tremendous negative effect on the biosphere. The earth is an entirely designed realm, and every toxic substance, fossil fuel, or other cause of pollution can severely damage the fragile conditions that keep the earth’s atmosphere intact. The holes in our ozone are not recent discoveries. The information for humans to make an informed decision on environmental practices has been available since 1985 when the discovery of depletions in ozone levels covering the Antarctic. This was long before the extreme population growths for the planet, the rise of the transportation sector, and the mass overproduction of nonbiodegradable goods. It should not come as a surprise that we are experiencing the harsh repercussions of human actions against the planet’s interest. Instead of accepting the cruel fate of humanity we should join together in a global effort for the survival of the human species.

In summary, hurricanes are powerful beasts with the capability of inflicting unimaginable terror on largely populated coastal cities. The wrath of previous storms has inflicted enormous damage on the main cities causing billions of dollars in reconstruction fees. To prevent further instances of mega catastrophic proportions, it is imperative that a global mission to combat climate change begin. Any person who is passionate about ending these disasters can start by informing themselves on the facts of climate change.

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Motorcyclist’s Top Priority: Safety

Motorcyclist’s Top Priority: Safety

Motorcycles are economical and efficient modes of transportation, so it is not surprising that it is becoming more popular. This also means that more people are being vulnerable to motorcycle accidents.

It is even worse if the accidents occur because of another driver’s action or inaction. According to the website, those who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents may get compensation for the damages they have received. But this does not mean that they can be reckless. There are things they can do to ensure their safety.

They can already reduce the risk of accidents and injuries even before they ride their motorcycles. They can regularly check their motorcycles and maintain them to avoid defects and malfunctions that may trigger traffic accidents. They may use safety equipment, such as helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads, to reduce the risk of injury when an accident occurs.

If possible, they should also check the conditions and statuses of the roads they will pass through, as well as the potentially hazardous weather conditions that may compromise safety. Rain water, snow, and ice can make the road slippery and reduce the traction of their tires. Fog blankets may affect their visibility and harsh winds may hurl projectiles on them or create obstructions on the road.

To further reduce the risk of accidents, it is important to follow traffic rules and avoid reckless behaviors. Traffic rules are enforced to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and no collisions happen, so if motorcyclists try to break them, they are putting themselves and other people around them in danger. Reckless behaviors also pose the same risk. Drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, and weaving between lanes are just some of the habits motorcyclists should avoid.

Getting involved in a motorcycle accident may have devastating consequences, and there are even times where the consequences are severe enough to be fatal. It is even worse if a motorcyclist’s recklessness or negligence has put another person in danger, such as a motorcycle passenger, a driver of another car, or a pedestrian. For sure, they can file lawsuits against these motorcyclists as well.

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